Twins In Denial

Building on the author’s earlier work The Harder They Fall: Will the U.S. follow Japan into the Abyss? (2004), Twins in Denial argues that the U.S. economy is undoubtedly following the same path as Japan’s. (To view or download the Introduction from Twins in Denial, please click here)

While the media, economists and policymakers have often acknowledged parallels between the US and Japan over the years – for a list of selected quotes click here – the discussion is, even to this day, still heavily couched in denial.

With a comprehensive comparison of the fascinating boom and bust cycles
of the two nations, Twins in Denial details how American policymakers have continuously failed to learn these crucial lessons from Japan.

But how can two countries as dissimilar as Japan and the U.S. share the same economic fate? The answer lies in one persistently overlooked commonality: Demographics. By comparing the astounding demographic similarities between these two nations, Twins in Denial demonstrates clearly why the U.S. is shadowing Japan and what consequences this disturbing parallel will have for America’s economic and financial future.

Click here to view the accurate forecasts made in The Harder They Fall.

Book reviews

-Dr. Alfred Roelli, Head Financial Analysis, Pictet & Cie, Geneva, Switzerland

“Congratulations! I just reread your book “The Harder They Fall”. Your retrospective of the financial markets during the 80s and 90s captures the colorful and upbeat mood of the times vividly. Your lucid diagnosis and outlook in the last chapter has stood the test of time superbly and is still being played out.”

-Günther Thumann, CEO Brevan Howard Group Holdings

“This is an exciting book. It is wonderfully readable, full of historical detail and yet to the point, and – it is controversial. Signer is not just a sharp observer of our modern day casino world but he tells us how his personal life has been intertwined with the good and the bad of financial markets since the mid-1980s. And he is entirely honest about it. That is truly admirable.”

T-Dr. Magne Orgland, Managing Partner, Wegelin & Co. Private Bankers, Switzerland

“honest, credible, well written and insightful… really good!”