Author Bio

Thomas Signer spent a decade on trading floors and in investment banking cubicles at Nomura Securities and at Morgan Stanley. He sold Japanese shares to Swiss investors at Nomura in Zurich in the heydays of the late 80s, received training in Tokyo, and, following business school in the U.S., helped create complex “structured” securities in the firm’s New York office in the early 90s. In 1994 he returned to Europe and became a salesman of equity derivatives at Morgan Stanley, first based in Zürich and later in London.

In 1998 Signer became an independent financial advisor in his home country of Switzerland, primarily supporting Swiss attorneys as an independent expert witness in resolving asset management-related dispute cases.  He also teaches finance courses in the MBA program of SBS Swiss Business School in Zurich. As part of the school’s outreach programs he has taught in Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan and India. Signer holds a M.S. degree from Carnegie Mellon University’s business school.