Twins In Denial (2011)


Book Review in Welt am Sonntag – Feb 27,2011 (German Original)

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Portrait Thomas Signer – May 21, 2011

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The Harder They Fall (2004)


Interview in BILANZ, Dec. 2004 (Leading Swiss Business Magazine)

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Article in Finanz und Wirtschaft – Aug 13, 2005 (German only) (Swiss Business Newspaper)

Article in Fall Issue CEEMAN (magazine dedicated to business education in Central and Eastern Europe)

-Dr. Alfred Roelli, Head Financial Analysis, Pictet & Cie, Geneva, Switzerland:

“Congratulations! I just reread your book “The Harder They Fall”. Your retrospective of the financial markets during the 80s and 90s captures the colorful and upbeat mood of the times vividly. Your lucid diagnosis and outlook in the last chapter has stood the test of time superbly and is still being played out.”

-Günther Thumann, CEO Brevan Howard Group Holdings:

“This is an exciting book. It is wonderfully readable, full of historical detail and yet to the point, and – it is controversial. Signer is not just a sharp observer of our modern day casino world but he tells us how his personal life has been intertwined with the good and the bad of financial markets since the mid-1980s. And he is entirely honest about it. That is truly admirable.”

T-Dr. Magne Orgland, Managing Partner, Wegelin & Co. Private Bankers, Switzerland:

“honest, credible, well written and insightful… really good!”